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Packaging & Moving Supplies | Brooklyn, NY

Packaging & Moving Supplies in Brooklyn, NY

Don’t Dumpster-Dive For Your Packaging & Moving Supplies,
Balloon Mail Has Everything You Need!

Do you know what “Dimensional Weight” is? It’s a rule the shipping companies use to charge you for the size of your package—and not just the weight. If you don’t use the correct box size, you may be paying (a lot) more than you need to. Balloon Mail has a box to fit almost anything — we’ll make sure you get the right one!

All The Packing & Moving Supplies You Need...

  • Boxes — All Carrier Boxes Available Free
  • Tape — Heavy-duty poly-tape, made for packing & shipping
  • Mailing Tubes — All Carriers Mailing Tubes Available Free
  • Padded Envelopes — Several sizes

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